Linkedin Partners with Chicago Veterans

Linkedin Partners with Chicago Veterans

  • By Kevin Barszcz
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This year, LinkedIn Chicago partnered with Chicago Veterans to help distribute clothing and other winter items throughout the city to help our homeless community stay warm during this winter season. Linkedin Chicago asked their employees to contribute any winter items they could and within 2 weeks, their office responded! They collected over 600 articles of clothing which included 40 winter jackets and 115 heavy sweaters! Employees, veterans, and supporters were on a mission to distribute as many items as they could to Chicago’s more than 5,000 homeless population.

They loaded up their cars and hit the streets to help as many people in need as they could. As one volunteer said, “it was incredible to see how much clothing Linkedin collected. I am so thankful Chicago Veterans gave me the opportunity to volunteer and help distribute the clothing to those in need. I had the privilege to speak with many of the recipients and hear how grateful they were. I had no idea how this small act of kindness meant so much to those in need. I will definitely make volunteering a regular part of my life as I go into the new year.”

Thank you to all the volunteers and everyone who donated to the homeless clothing drive. A special thank you to Linkedin Chicago for allowing us to be part of this event and we look forward to working together on many more initiatives in 2019.