About Us.

Our Mission is to Empower military Veterans to take control of their transition throughout life.”

We define empower as sharing information and helping Veterans build a positive social support system to take control of their transition throughout life.

Empowerment is based on the idea that providing Veterans access to information and resources, social engagement opportunities, and peer-to-peer support will help them become more productive and socially connected to their communities which will improve their mental and emotional well-being, reduce PTSD symptoms and lead to a successful transition. 

We focus on three core components to help empower veterans to have a successful transition throughout life – Social Connectedness, Employment Readiness, and Educational Peer Mentorship.

Our Social & Community Involvement Program

Our Social and Community Involvement Program (SCIP) builds on our belief that engagement is directly related to empowerment. SCIP provides recreational therapy that helps Veterans improve their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. SCIP provides opportunities for Veterans to engage and interact in their local communities, which helps them create a positive social support system for challenging times.

Our Employment Readiness Program

Our Employment Readiness Program (ERP) focuses on creating pipelines to careers for Veterans through direct access to local employers helping mitigate hiring barriers that Veterans face. Many service members leaving the military and relocating to Chicago are not prepared for the transition and as a result, struggle to find employment.

Our Educational Peer Mentorship Program

Our Educational Peer Mentorship Program (EPMP) assists Veterans in two ways: (1) individual peer-to-peer mentorship and (2) group mentorship. Our peer-to-peer program connects a Veteran who has lived through a specific experience with a Veteran who is new to that experience; this allows for targeted guidance and assistance obtaining resources and benefits available in the specific situation. Group mentorship is provided through workshops and other group events.